NAAD Committees

Dear All Current and Prospective NAAD Members,

To revitalize NAAD and engage current and prospective members more actively according to their areas of interest and expertise, NAAD is establishing a set of committees.  The attached chart provides an overview.

  • Committee membership is not restricted to assessment directors or even to NAAD members.  Non-members may serve on or even chair a committee with the approval of the NAAD president. Because committee membership is open to current and prospective NAAD members, please feel free to share this information with your colleagues and contacts.
  • Each committee will develop one or more goals – preferably but not necessarily with timetables and interim benchmarks.
  • Because the purviews of some committees will almost certainly overlap,  an executive committee will facilitate inter-committee coordination.  The Executive Committee will consist of one or more NAAD officers and the chair of each committee. 
  • Committee meetings will be scheduled, as frequently as needed, by each committee’s chair.
  • A Google docs site, or something similar, will be set up to facilitate committee work and inter-committee sharing.
  • Other standing or special committees may be formed on an ad hoc basis. Similarly, subcommittees and inter-committee task forces may also be formed.

To volunteer for one or more committees, please click here.  Please do this at your earliest opportunity. The sooner people sign up, the sooner we can begin!

Thank you for your commitment and support,

Stephen Court, NAAD President (2019-2020)