Spring, 1994

President’s Message

M.Kevin Matter, President, NATD

Dear NATD Members,

First let me remind you to turn in your Constitution Ballot to Lee Baldwin by March 25.

The NATD Officers and Board will meet on Monday evening, April 4 at 6:30 p.m. in the lobby next to the registration desk at the Marriott.  If you have any issues you would like discussed, please call me at (303) 773-1184 or fax a note to me at (393) 773-9370.

As it was reported in the last newsletter, the 1993 Symposia will be made available for purchase at a cost of $25.00.  An announcement of the availability of the Symposia appeared in the February 9 issue of Education Week, and they are now available for purchase.

We want to mail you a current membership list, along with updated phone numbers and FAX numbers.  A fax number is very important.  Several companies now offer communication services (newsletters, etc.) by FAX, at costs comparable to U.S. mail and printing costs.  For NATD to utilize these services, we need to be sure we have updated FAX numbers on as many members as possible.  Thus, if you have recently acquired FAX capabilities (within the last year or so), please FAX your number to Guy Glidden (316-833-4095), so we can include it in our membership directory.

I want to thank Linda Elman, Vice-President/President Elect for assembling the 1994 NATD program and coordinating the Breakfast/Dinner activities.  Also thanks to other NATD officers and members who graciously gave their time and expertise throughout the past year.

I know budgets are tight and travel expenses are limited for most of us.  I hope many members are able to attend.  NATD functions at this year’s AERA/NCME annual meetings.  Please contact NATD officers and board members with concerns, issues, etc.  Names and addresses were listed in the last newsletter.  This organization is yours!  The officers and Board need your input and feedback!  See you in New Orleans!


Plans are being finalized for the NATD/AERA/NCME Convention in New Orleans.  The joint meeting of the Directors of Research and Evaluation and the National Association of Test Directors will take place on Monday, April 4 at the Marriott, Balcony M, Fourth Floor.  A continental breakfast will be served at 8:00 and the meeting will start at 8:30.  The Sunday DRE meeting will be in the same room and will also start with breakfast at 8:00.  Two symposia sponsored by NATD, a business meeting, and the NATD annual dinner have been scheduled.


Membership Forum on the Proposed NCME code of Ethics
 Wednesday, 12:25 – 1:55 P.M Marriott, Bonaporte, 4th floor

Organizer/Moderator:   Cynthia B. Schmieser, ACT
Presenters: Kurt Grisinger, SUNY; Sharon Johnson-Lewis, Detroit Public Schools;
Ed Roeber, CCSSO, William Schafer, University of Maryland; Cynthia Schmeiser, ACT
Discussants: Daniel Eignor, NCME Standards & Test Use committee, ETS; Kevin Matter, NATD, Cherry Creek Schools; Christina Winter, NCME Minority Issues and Testing committee, Lewis & Clark College

1994 NCME/NATD Symposia: Performance Assessment Quality Standards:
 Wednesday, April 6, 4:04-6:05 p.m. Marriott, Mardi Gras D, 3rd Floor

Organizer/Moderator:  Carole L. Perlman, Chicago Public Schools
Presenters: Stephen B. Dunbar, University of Iowa:  Joe B. Hansen, Colorado Springs Public Schools; Larry Barber, Phi Delta Kappa,

Panelists: Judith Costa, Clark County (NV) Public Schools; Maryellen Donahue, Boston Public Schools; Aaron Gary, Jr. Norfolk (VA) Public Schools; Mary Moore Dayton, Public Schools

Discussants: Michael Kean CTB Macmilliam/McGraw-Hill; Thomas Kerins, Illinois State Board of Education

In addition to the sessions, the major NATD events at the NATD/AERA/NCME convention in New Orleans are listed below as follows:

1. Joint NATD/Directors of Research & Evaluation Meeting at AERA:  Monday morning, April 4, 8:30 (Breakfast at 8:00) Marriott, Balcony M, Fourth floor
2. NATD Officers and Board of Director Meeting at AERA:
Monday evening, April 4.  Officers and Board members meet at 6:30 p.m. in the lobby by the registration desk of the Marriott.
3. NATD Business Meeting and Breakfast: (Marriott, LeGallerie B)
Tuesday morning, April 5.  (Breakfast –7:30; Business Meeting –8:00).  Mail
Enclosed RSVP for breakfast to National Computer Systems.
4. NATD Dinner, Hosted by Riverside Publishing Company:
Tuesday evening, April 5.  Invitations and details will be supplied directly by Riverside.

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