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Membership Categories:

Active membership:

Active membership shall be members in good standing with current or former responsibility for educational testing programs; or from institutions involved in the construction or use of tests in settings not primarily for profit, including, but not limited to, school systems and school system research, assessment, testing, or evaluation departments.

Associate membership:

Associate membership shall be open to all persons who are interested in assessment and who subscribe to the purposes and objectives of the Association. Associate members in good standing shall be accorded all rights and privileges of membership except the right to hold office. Bona fide graduate students in full-time programs of study which are related to or include assessment may be admitted to Associate membership.

Honorary Emeritus membership:

The Board of Directors may from time to time elect an Honorary member. Honorary members are individuals who were formerly Active or Associate members for a minimum of five years and who, in the opinion of the Board of Directors of the Association, have made significant contributions to the Association. The Board shall nominate such an individual and, upon a majority of Active, Associate, and Honorary members casting written ballots in favor of the proposal, this individual shall be accorded honorary emeritus status for life and shall be exempt from paying dues. This status shall also include those individuals to whom the association’s Award for Outstanding Contributions to Educational Assessment has been conferred.

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Please download the membership form, filling it out and following the directions below.  Annual dues are $20. Please make checks payable to “NAAD”  

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Please Contact Leigh Bennett of  Loudoun County Public Schools at:

Leigh Bennett, LCPS
20 High Street
Round Hill, VA 20141

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Alternatively, you can fill out the form below and pay via PayPal. The last question will direct you to PayPal to pay and your information will be sent to Toni for NAAD’s records.

Please note that PayPal records payment using the name on the credit card.  Hence we would like you to let us know the credit card name so we can match your membership form with the PayPal notification. If it is different please e-mail Dale and let her know the credit card name that is associated with the member’s name and registration.

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