Darin C. Kelberlau, Ph.D.

Term: 2020-21

Dr. Kelberlau’s career in education spans twenty six years, all in the state of Nebraska. He spent ten years as a high school mathematics teacher and sixteen years at the central office level. During this time, he completed the Nebraska Assessment Cohort at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln (UNL). This eighteen-hour graduate program focused on increasing the assessment literacy of leaders, improving classroom assessment practices, and preparing teachers for leadership roles. Upon completion, he became a teaching assistant for six years in which he contributed to books and articles regarding assessment literacy.

He currently serves as the Executive Director of Assessment, Research, and Evaluation for the Millard Public Schools (third largest school district in Nebraska). Major tasks include directing the assessment system, collecting, analyzing and interpreting data, and designing program evaluations. He also is currently an adjunct professor in the department of Educational Administration at the University of Nebraska – Kearney where he teaches graduate courses in assessment leadership.

Dr. Kelberlau holds a Ph.D. in Quantitative, Qualitative, & Psychometric Methods in Education from UNL. He has earned a M.S. ED. in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Instructional Technology and a B.A. in Mathematics.