Amy Gil

Term: 2018-19 to 2021-22

Amy Gil is the Director of the Division of Research, Evaluation and Assessment for Elizabeth Public Schools in Elizabeth, New Jersey. She has served the Elizabeth school district since 1998, including as a teacher and vice principal before her appointment as director in 2007. As the Director of REA, Mrs. Gil leads the district’s state-wide assessment program, the collection of Civil Rights Data, and the management of an online benchmark assessment system used to administer quarterly benchmarks to more than 28,000 students in grades K-12 who speak more than 40 different home languages. Her teaching and school administration experiences have guided her work in collecting, analyzing, and delivering data to the school board, superintendent, central administration, and school administration in a manner that has influenced instructional board policy, inspired effective school leadership, and empowered teachers to provide focused and impactful classroom instruction. Since 2007, through a steadfast commitment to collecting and analyzing data, monitoring progress, and prescribing necessary interventions, Elizabeth Public Schools’ graduation rate has increased to 82% and the district as a whole has continued to be a leader in student assessment performance in comparison to districts of similar size and demographics.