11/2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Welcome from Mary.

Updates to the website: As part of NAAD’s effort to attract new members, Mary spent time reviewing the website through the eyes of a new member. She suggested several changes to make features more accessible and attractive.

  • Change or expand the naming convention of the older newsletters to identify key topics covered. Mary offered to review the newsletters from 2013-2015 to identify the key topics. On the current webpage, either the name of the link will be changed to reflect the key topics or the bulleted text in front of the link will be expanded to include the key topics.
  • Recommence the ‘Featured Member’ feature and possibly include that information in the newslet- ter. Leigh will be the featured member (despite her reluctance). More current newsletters should also be added. The quarterly newsletter will be renamed to newsletter.
  • Bonnie will add new text about the symposium and Mary will add text about the annual meeting and dinner under ‘Coming Events.’
  • A new tab named ‘Publications’ will be added to the home page, removing it from its current position under ‘Resources.’
  • The years from the video links will be removed so the content does not appear dated.
  • ‘NATD’ on the home page will be changed to ‘NAAD’ and Mary would like to change the purpose text to language from the bylaws. Ray said that he would review the site for any other NATD to NAAD changes.
  • Faith asked if Mary would send a short email blast to members when each Monthly Digest is posted, citing a couple of the pertinent articles.
  • Ray will look into adding names to the uploaded photos and share all of these changes with the vendor.
  • General information regarding the website: The monthly fee covers the site hosting and update fees. Changes can be made quarterly (no pre-set dates), though we are not making frequent changes at this time.

Treasurer’s Report:
Toni presented … Possible expenditures:


  • Bonnie has finalized the symposium with an incredible line up of speakers and topics.
  • Member comments on the Letter to Colleagues: Faith provided edits for the Introduction.
  • Bonnie provided edits to enhance the symposium information
  • Next Year’s Conference Chair:
  • Working with Nancy for Meeting sponsors:

Future Board Meetings: December 14, January 18, February 15, March 15, April 12

December Meeting Agenda: 12/14/16 at noon

  • Finalization of literature for membership campaign

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