Winter 2015 NAAD Newsletter

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NAAD Newsletter: Winter 2015

New Board Members

0043517NAAD VP – Dr. Mary E. Yakimowski (2015-2016)

The new incoming President of NAAD; Past NAAD, Currently, Assistant dean and Associate Professor for the Department of Educational Leadership & Literacy, Sacred Heart University; Formerly served as Director of Assessment at University of Connecticut; Director of Assessment at Council of Chief State School Officers; and Chief Research, Assessment and Evaluation Office at, Baltimore City (MD) Public Schools; Over 20 years experience in K-12 schools.


ToniNAAD Treasurer – Dr. Toni Stroter (2015-2017)

Antionette (Toni) Stroter (Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University) has over 15 years’ of experience administering assessment, evaluation and research in k-12 and higher education. She is currently working in the area overlapping in research, evaluation, and accountability at Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools in Winston Salem, NC as a Director focused on Title 1 schools. In this position she works in collaboration with educators, students, other LEA’s, researchers, Principals, teachers, and other stake holders in K-12 education to ensure effective impact evaluations. Her experience extends to also including teaching and administering program evaluation and assessment, educational leadership, research methods, and various data analysis courses such as HLM, SPSS, and other advance statistics. More specifically, she has expertise in the area of program/project evaluation, school reform, educational research, educator quality and effectiveness, implementation fidelity, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, collecting and utilizing federal, state, and local archival data, school and higher education reform, instructional practices in secondary career and technical education, state and federal regulations for career and technical education, communicating findings to researchers, policymakers, practitioners, college and career readiness, and other relevant stakeholders. She has been successful at participating in securing outside funding for research activities such as grants from the NASA, NSF, and the Department of Education. She has additional experience including participation in training programs focused on state longitudinal data systems, value added/growth models, conducting randomized controlled trial studies, and IES methodological standards and grant workshops. Dr. Stroter has been an extremely active member of AERA Division H for several years. Some official roles she serves in include Early Career Mentor Award Chair and the Program Committee. She has recently held other leadership roles in collaboration with Division H such as President and Treasurer of the National Association of Assessment Directors (NAAD) and an active member of the Directors of Research & Evaluation (DRE) Association. She has organized presidential sessions for the AERA program committee and chaired the largest attended presidential session sponsored by Division H, NAAD and DRE on common core standards. Dr. Stroter will continually work hard giving scholars of diverse backgrounds in careers, race & ethnicity, interests, graduate degrees, and skill sets exposure and opportunities that AERA Division H and NAAD strives to offer.


Adrienne_Bailey_approved_jpg__2887×1616_NAAD Director – Dr. Adrienne Y. Bailey (2015-2019)

Adrienne Y. Bailey, PhD is a senior consultant at the Panasonic Foundation, where she provides strategic coaching and equity solutions to urban school districts. She has worked in the fields of education and social justice to support disenfranchised youth living in urban and rural communities throughout the world. Her prior work includes Senior Liaison at Stanford University’s Center for Opportunity Policy in Education; ExEL coach, Harvard University; Program Manager, the Stupski Foundation; Study Director, Consortium for Chicago School Research, University of Chicago; Senior Consultant, Council of Great City Schools; Deputy Superintendent for Instruction, Chicago Public Schools and Vice President for Academic Affairs, The College Board. She also directed the education grant making program at The Chicago Community Trust and served with Northwestern University and Xavier University (New Orleans). Bailey has served as a lead consultant for a number of projects focused on systemic reform and involving local educational agencies across the U.S., Jamaica, and southern Africa. She served eight years as a charter member of the Illinois State Board of Education and President of the National Association of State Boards of Education. Her current board posts include: Chapin Hall, Shared Interest, META, and National Association of Assessment Directors. She has served as trustee of the Southern Education and Hazen foundations and has received honors and recognition from such organizations as Operation PUSH, Northwestern University, and the Education Commission of the States. Ms. Bailey is well known for her passionate advocacy of education equity –”breaking the links between race, poverty and educational outcomes” and has written and spoken extensively on the issues. She earned her BA in French from Mundelein College, MEd from Wayne State University, and PhD from Northwestern University.

NAAD Committees

Membership Committee Update

Submitted by Jennifer McCreadie
With an updated name and matching logo, as well as a re-vitalized website, the National Association of Assessment Directors (NAAD, formerly NATD, National Association of Test Directors) is eager to attract new members. It is a great forum for assessment practitioners, those who are responsible for assessment programs in LEAs and SEAs. Its scope is broader than that of district, state, regional or consortium organizations in that it addresses the principles, policies and practices of assessment across education settings, PK-20.

Membership in NAAD is a bargain at just $20 per year. If you haven’t yet paid your current membership dues, or if you haven’t yet joined, please do so. We ask that you also encourage your colleagues to join NAAD for the coming year using the membership application provided in this newsletter.
NAAD meets annually in conjunction with the AERA-NCME conference, but many members are unable to attend. All members have access to our new website which will launch in March 2016 as an online resource and a way to connect with colleagues across the country.

If you have suggestions for where and how to invite other colleagues to join NAAD, please email Jennifer McCreadie at jennifermccreadie@gmail.com or treasurer Toni Stroter at adstroter@liberty.edu

Website and Outreach Committee Update

Submitted by Ray Hart
Over the past month, the Website and Outreach Committee has worked with a web designer to select a new web layout for NAAD to include new branding for the organization and a new web presence. Faith Connolly has created a new monthly email blast, Assessment News Briefs, which will be shared with members and become a prominent part of the new website which will launch during March 2016. We are also developing several additional features of the web site that are expected to benefit our members and significantly add to our support of your day-to-day work.

  1. Each month we will profile one of our members on the website to help colleagues connect across the country. The profiles will include details about the members work in assessment and critical advice or practices that may be beneficial to colleagues across the country.
  2. We will include a Hot Topics section of the website to link members to key information and resources in the assessment field.
  3. We will highlight “Assessment News” where we will feature the key coverage and stories about assessment practices across the country. The stories will include key research findings, changes in legislation at the federal, state or local level, or reflections on best practices in assessment.
  4. We will connect members to webinar recordings addressing assessment news and practices and provide links to reports and articles related to assessment practices that might be helpful for members.
    We are enhancing our outreach in an effort to provide better support for members and the work that they do supporting students of all ages every day. We look forward to your feedback on our updates and your suggestions on ways NAAD can better serve you.


Nominations Sought for NAAD Outstanding Contribution Award

In 2003, NATD (now NAAD) established an award to recognize individuals who have made outstanding professional contributions in the area of applied educational assessment in schools. One or two individuals may be recognized each year conditional upon approval by the Board of Directors. Individual(s) recognized by this award are nominated from any of the myriad areas in the wide field of educational assessment including but not limited to measurement theory, promotion of best professional practices, teaching of measurement and assessment, and use of assessment information for curriculum, instruction, policy making and communication with stakeholders. Please give serious consideration to nominating a worthy candidate for the 2016 award by submitting the name(s), contact information, and a brief statement of your reasons for this nomination to:

Kyndra Middleton (NAAD Awards and Recognition Committee Chair/Board Member),
Email: Kyndra Middleton, kvmiddleton@gmail.com

  • The awards are given at the annual meeting of the NAAD, if the Board of Directors approves a worthy candidate.
  • Nominations are solicited through an NAAD newsletter article, the NAAD Website, and/or other electronic means.
  • An awards committee, approved by the Board, reviews nominees and recommends candidates to the Board from those
  • The recipient of the award is recognized at the meeting with a certificate.

Previous recipients of this award included:

  • Carole Perlman (2003)
  • Ed Drahozal (2003)
  • Steve Henry (2004)
  • Jim Bray (2004)
  • Joe Hansen (2005)
  • Joseph O’Reilly (2006)
  • Robert L Linn (2007)
  • G. Gage Kingsbury (2008)
  • Peter Hendrickson (2009)
  • Michael Flicek (2010)
  • Zollie Stevenson, Jr. (2010)
  • Lee Baldwin 2011
  • Lorrie Shepard (2011)
  • John Fremer (2012)
  • Phil Morse (2012)
  • Jamal Abedi (2013)
  • Michael Strozeski (2013)
  • Joe Willhoft (2014)
  • Laura McGiffert Slover (2014)
  • Sherry Rose-Bond (2014)
  • Judith Levinson (2015)
  • Neal Martin Kingston (2015)

Nominations Sought for NAAD Leadership Positions by March 1, 2016

NAAD is proud to count you among our members. Having you as a colleague enriches us all. However, sometimes we need more (like now). Being a member is a passive activity; we’d like to encourage you to take an active role.

You can do this by submitting the name of a colleague or of yourself to be considered as a candidate for one of the NAAD offices that will become vacant in April 2016. These include:

  • Vice President (one year; followed by one year as President, and another as Past President)
  • Secretary (two year term)
  • Director (four year term)


Please take some time to consider the opportunity participating in this way will afford you. You will have input into the future direction of an important professional organization and you will have the opportunity to interact with other like-minded professionals. If you have the interest and time to give back to NAAD (or if you know someone who does), please send the nominee name and a brief summary of professional activities you/they have been involved in to the Chair of the Nominating Committee, Dr. Bonnie Swan Bonnie.Swan@ucf.edu no later than March 1, 2016.

NAAD/NCME Joint Invited Symposium 2015 – review and highlights

The 2015 NAAD Symposium Focuses on Experiences in Implementing New Assessments

The school year 2014-15 marks the first full year of implementation for the Common Core and other new state assessments in over 40 states and Washington, DC. School districts have had to act quickly to secure the technology and provide the training necessary to prepare students and teachers for implementation of the new testing protocols. Four school district level assessment professionals shared their experiences implementing the common core and other new state assessment systems at the 2015

NAAD/NCME Symposium.

The symposium, entitled “Implementing the Common Core Assessments at the District and School Levels: Voices from the Field – Overcoming Challenges, Making it Work,” featured Didi Swartz, from the Chicago Public Schools (Illinois)(PARCC); Melanie Stewart, Milwaukee Public Schools (Wisconsin)(SMARTER Balanced); Dale Whittington, Shaker Heights Public Schools (Ohio)(PARCC); and Brad McMillan, Wake County (NC) Public Schools (North Carolina developed assessment aligned to new standards). The session was organized and facilitated by NAAD President Zollie Stevenson, Jr.

Each presenter focused on each of the school districts ranging in size from nearly 400,000 to 5,000 implemented the new assessments. Each addressed the technology and infrastructure changes that their districts had to make to accommodate the testing specifications of the new assessments, how they managed testing in schools that had multiple grades mandated for testing during the same assessment window, and how they managed the accommodated assessment administrations for students with disabilities and English learners. Each presenter also shared how their state is addressing state and federal accountability requirements for schools and their districts given the additional flexibility for 2014-15 announced in August 2014 by the U.S. Department of Education.

The biggest issues related to the access to and reliability of the technology used to implement the new assessment, dealing with some of the political uncertainties related to use of the national tests versus state developed assessments and training related to assessment accommodations that were different than in prior years. Many, but not all of the glitches that could have occurred, were worked out in the pilot year of testing. The new assessments certainly kept these district assessment directors on their game.

naad-ncme1Photo: Melanie Stewart, Milwaukee’s assessment director, shares experiences in implementing the Smarter Balanced consortium assessments during the NAAD/NCME Symposium. Seated (L to R) are Brad McMillan, Wake County (NC) Schools; Dale Whittington, Shaker Heights (OH) Schools and Didi Swartz, Chicago Public Schools.

naad-ncme2Photo: Melanie Stewart shares a slide from her symposium presentation


April 8th-NAAD Business Meeting-8-10 A.M.

April 8th-NAAD Wine and Cheese Reception
and Networking -7-8 P.M.

T.B.A. – NAAD/NCME Symposium
[NOTE: NCME has not yet posted the 2016 Program which contains the symposium time/date.]

Sponsorships for meal events has been particularly challenging with company buyouts and mergers. We will have additional information regarding the DRE/NAAD Dinner and/or a DRE/NAAD Luncheon soon.


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