NAAD Featured Speaker

2019 NAAD/NCME Symposium

April 6 @ 4:10 pm – 6:10 pm

Fairmont Royal York Hotel, Mezzanine Level, Territories

Assessment Literacy:  Tactics for Traction and Strategies for Success

Panelists (alphabetical)

  • Kecia L. Addison, Directors of Research and Evaluation and Montgomery County (MD) Public Schools
  • Mike Beck, Beck Evaluation and Testing Associates, Inc.
  • Chris Gareis, William and Mary School of Education
  • Thomas Guskey, University of Kentucky
  • Susan Nolen, University of Washington
  • W. James Popham, UCLA, Emeritus

Session Moderator: Stephen C. Court, CRESST and NAAD President, 2019-2020

Session Description

Assessment literacy has become more prominent and pressing this decade.  The topic is discussed more widely and more frequently.  Articles appear in not only academic journals but also popular periodicals and other publications, ranging from books to blogs.  Assessment literacy surveys and self-assessments circulate.  Federal guidance has been issued guidance on how to leverage ESSA funds to support assessment literacy efforts at the state and local levels.  Task forces and ad hoc alliances have been formed.  Entire websites are now devoted to the topic.  They include not only articles and blogs but also sets of online instructional modules and other useful resources intended to raise the assessment literacy levels of their viewers.  NCME is rating the quality of these resources and will link acceptable ones to its website.

Yet, despite the increase in salience, funding, and resources, assessment literacy levels remain woefully low among too many members of major stakeholder groups – from students and teachers to the U.S. Secretary of Education.  A more concerted and effective effort is needed.  As a national organization, the National Association of Assessment Directors (NAAD) seems perfectly positioned to coordinate an inter-organizational campaign to raise assessment literacy levels by increasing effective use of existing resources.

During this invited NAAD/NCME symposium, a panel of noted assessment literacy experts and district-level practitioners will discuss goals, strategy, tactics, and timelines for such a campaign…with abundant opportunity for audience input.


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